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5 Very different Electronic Ambient, Film Music tracks performed and composed by Angel Kunev. This album will take you to the brightest and also the darkest parts of space! ​​​​​​​

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Deep Universe was performed live by Angel at his home studio in the early 2016 year at Varna / Bulgaria. It's performed live on hardware synthesizers and mixed with a lot of sounds created, recorded and processed by Angel. ​​​​​​​

Steep Slopes is performed live and recorded one year later at late September 2017 and will take you into a bright space journey with perfectly designed synthesizer sounds created as with hardware and with software tools. 

Five Fifty Five - Already released tune and well known to the listeners of Fire Haste Sound. This tune is performed live for a first time back in 2017 year and was part of the album Code of Ethics also composed by Angel Kunev. In the late 2019 year he decided to pre-record and re-master the tune. 

Electromagnetic Radiation - As the name points, it's dark atmosphere progressive track leading you thru the dark space. The track was recorded and processed in 2020 by Angel Kunev 

Deadly Breakthrough - As the name points, brutal, dark, intense, scary even track composed in the late September of 2020 by Angel Kunev. The track will lead you to the very darkest space. Those are sounds recorded, designed, processed and layered exclusive for a Dark / Space / Horror Film trailer!

Music Written And composed by angel kunev

-if you wish to use that music for your project please, contact to gain license for it.

Album contains 8 abstract electronic soundtracks performed on analogue and fm synthesizers produced mainly for action / sci-fi genre media or motion picture film. 
Deep synthetic sound design and intense atmospheres designed and performed by Angel Kunev produced by Fire Haste Music

Music written and composed by angel kunev

-if you wish to use that music for your project please, contact to gain license for it.

Never Surrender - Written and produced by Angel Kunev / Bulgaria in collaboration with guitarist Mihail Doman / Romania, violinist Andrew Sacheva / Ukraine, vocalists Svetoslava Alexandrova / Bulgaria and Jennifer Pederson / Canada

cinematic wedding film trailer N&B
music written by angel kunev

-my motion picture, my music i hope you enjoy it! 

Music written and produced by Fire Haste Music / - Angel Kunev / Bulgaria and Alexey Soloviev / Russia

some tracks you can use for free if you find them a place

This playlist includes production music for filmmakers, game designers and media artists. All music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, which means it’s free to use, as long as you credit me.

The moment 2014
Music composed by Angel Kunev

-Where to buy or listen? You can buy and stream it from any digital shop like Itunes, Amazon, Googleplay or any other digital shop you like! The album was actually released back in 2013 after i took it down and re-released it's new mastered version.  Many people have used my track the moment for different projects, ill share with you only the ones i like most as a professional cinematographer. 

 #musiccomposer #sounddesigner

blackmilk clothing | shapeshifter promo
Music composed by Angel Kunev

-Very happy to announce that my composition " The Moment " is soundtrack of Black Milk Clothing`s new promo video " Shapeshifter "
Music composed by angel kunev

Dominar d400 | Promo video
Music written and composed by angel kunev

-I am super happy to announce that my composition " The Moment " published by Fire Haste Music got placed on the TV spot Promo for the new DOMINAR D400 super bike!

Pleasure to work with Bajaj Auto 

Renault kwid | test drive
Music composed by angel kunev

-Thanks to Renault India for the wonderful opportunity to be part of their new car test drive video! huge pleasure for me! 

Track used in the video : Angel Kunev / The Moment

Available also in ItunesSpotify, Deezer, GoogleplayAmazon and more.

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