Self-taught audio-visual creator with more than 10 years experience in filmmaking, video editing, vfx production, cinematography and 5 years experience as music composer.
In order to capture an emotional and creative footage, I’m using professional tools, cinema cameras, cinema lens and software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop to realize ideas and create beautiful and emotional relationship between motion picture and sound sequences as well as to turn the viewers’ attention and emotions into a high level experience. For my music production work i record organic produced sounds such as door slams, iron bangs, hits etc. and turn them into useful music creation tool to use later when composing my music. I am using mainly Fruity Loops Studio and Adobe Audition for my postproduction work. 
When it comes to creating an engaging the audience motion picture content: 
"For me, everything starts with understanding the connection between directing light and camera movement, creating certain moods with them, having in mind what you’d want for the viewer to experience, record and edit sound based on the environment of the motion picture shots, select the perfect music and combine all that into unique motion picture material to engage the audience in emotional way and turn it into a high quality experience. This is not just ‘making videos’ or ‘copy someone's work’- this is Creation/Magic/Art.”​​​​​​​
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