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send me a sound cloud private link with your song, share your idea and budget you are able to afford as maximum for your music video and i will get back to you as soon as possible!
you need filmmaker with professional cinema gear? 
filmmaker with fs700r and shogun inferno 4k 10bit cinema prores raw and various types of lens
 500bgn / astronomical hour / 2000bgn 8 astronomical hours
for lower resolutions and drone shots please, feel free to send me email and start a discussion.
for location management and script writing feel free to contact me
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princ vihren | Ti ne si takava | 4K production

directed, filmed and edited by angel kunev

textr : vihren markov (princ vihren), music and arrangement georgi georgiev (Jo)

Distributed by facing the sun

painout | stone skipper's diary 2018

directed, filmed and edited by angel kunev, produced by painout, Starring: Trayan Minkov Ilian Minkov Stefko Enev Nikol Stefanova Special thanks: Rositsa Nikolova, Ivelin Daskalov, George Dragoev, Asen Asenov, the fishermen

 Bradata, Virus Inethic & Concrete Cee | Holocrons 2017

- Again Orlin Stoyanov " BRADATA " but, in darker form. Amazing collaboration with Virus Inethic and Concrete Cee! Enjoy this horror open scenario video!
 " Waking up after a crash in the middle of nowhere our hero begins to remember the terrible thing he did to his beloved one woman. The stronger the pain, the more vivid the memories become."

Lyrics by: Concrete Cee Music by: Bradata & Virus Inethic Mixed and mastered at SPES Productions by SP Diplomata Recorded at Studio Funk Berlin Recording engineer: Andy Schlegel Managed & Produced by BRD
Supported by: Trip-Hop Laboratory
Video Producer : Orlin Stoyanov DOP : Angel Balchiyski & Angel Kunev Location scouting : Orlin Stoyanov, Angel Balchiyski, Angel Kunev, Georgi Georgiev Screenplay : Angel Kunev Editor : Angel Kunev Locations : Sofia & Varna Actors : Emil Iliev Aleksandra Firsova
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Bradata, VPD, Mista 93 & Tape 83.2  - Tvurd Profil 2017

- Huge thanks to Orlin Stoyanov " BRADATA " for the invite to be part of this! Back in the 90`s blasting real RAP sound and massive lyrics by Mista 93 huge artist collaboration! Bradata, VPD, Tape 83.2! Watch out for more music and videos from BradataLyrics by: Mista 93, Music by: Bradata & VPD, Cuts by: Tape 83.2, Mixed by: Bradata & VPD, Stem mastered at SPES Productions by SP Diplomata, Managed & Produced by BRD, Supported by: Trip-Hop Laboratory, Video Producer : Orlin Stoyanov, DOP : Angel Balchiyski & Angel Kunev, Location scouting : Orlin Stoyanov, Angel Balchiyski, Angel Kunev, Georgi Georgiev, Screenplay : Angel Kunev, Editor : Angel Kunev, Locations : Sofia & Varna

Actors : Petar Kostov, Georgi Shabanov, Boyan Balchev, Daniel Chaushev, Siyana Sazdova, Dimitar Georgiev, Dimitar Dashev, Miroslav Demirev, Yasen Tsekov, Gergana Madjarova

directed, Filmed and edited by Angel Kunev

Uma & Duma | Algorhythm 2015
directed by d-graphix

Big pleasure for me to be part of this video! Uma & Duma amazing musicians and songwriters! Video is directed by Luchezar Dobrev / D-Graphix 
Was big pleasure to work with Lucho! Incredible person full with new ideas! Be sure to check his work : D-Graphix,Directed, Filmed and, Edited by D-Graphix, DronE shots : Angel Kunev, Producer FAQinMusic

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